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Special Sessions

All day, Labyrinth
Under the large oak tree outside of the Beeghly Library
A labyrinth is a single path that leads to a center. It is an ancient tool for reflection, meditation, prayer, and comfort in which a person walks from the entrance to the center and then returns once again to the beginning. It provides an opportunity for personal, spiritual or psychological centering and transformation. Our labyrinth is a gift from the class of 2009 consisting of two benches and a 24-foot replica of the labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral in France.
All day, Inaugural Wood Firing
Behind Brumbaugh Academic Center
Wood firing has been a tradition at Juniata since 1978. Over spring break students and faculty began construction on a new wood kiln. The new kiln marks the return of wood firing to Juniata College after a 4-year hiatus. Please join us for the inaugural firing of our new kiln located behind BAC.
All day, Student Art and Demonstrations
Lobby and Pheasant Lounge, von Liebig Center
Keynote Address
von Liebig Center Sill Boardroom
"Pollen: Nothing to Sneeze At"
Dr. Jeffrey Osborn, Dean of Science, The College of New Jersey

Pollen grains are reproductive structures that play a paramount role in the life history of plants. Pollen is the 'male,' sperm-producing generation that needs to be vectored to the 'female,' egg-producing plant via either an animal pollinator or some form of abiotic pollination. Wind-pollinated plants typically produce significant amounts of pollen. In addition to enhancing successful pollinations, the abundance of airborne pollen commonly causes allergic reactions in a large proportion of the human population. When most people hear or read the word "pollen," they think about this immunological response and the associated health issues. Ironically, the allergens that induce hay fever include many of the same compatibility-incompatibility recognition proteins involved in pollination. Beyond the immunological arena, the study of pollen grains has applications in a broad range of fields, some of which include: agriculture, ethnobotany, honey production, genetics, reproductive biology, forensics, evolution, development, systematics, paleobotany, climate reconstruction, and petroleum and natural gas exploration.

This presentation will first provide an overview of pollen grains, including their health, cultural, and scientific impacts, and then highlight research in our lab studying both fossil and living plants, ranging from the giant Amazonian water lily to extinct plants that once inhabited Antarctica. The majority of our work considers evolutionary questions about pollen characters, pollen development, and pollination biology. Undergraduate students have been engaged in every aspect of this research and are full collaborators and colleagues. The presentation will also highlight the many benefits of undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity (or URSCA), which impact all key stakeholders in higher education-students, faculty members, institutions, and external groups.
"Airborne": An Original Full Length Play
Movement Studio, Halbritter Center
"Airborne," by Tzipora Crandell, is an original murder mystery play that is in progress. A portion of the play will be read in a public reading, with a talk back afterwards for questions, suggestions and feedback. This is an opportunity for the playwright to hear her work read out loud, and utilize the actors' performance and audience feedback to continue her work on her first full-length play. 
Faculty Sponsor: Leigh Hendrix
Not Your Grandparent's Essays: Excerpts from Creative Nonfiction Writing
Neff Hall, von Liebig Center for Science
When you think about writing an essay, you might think about a thesis, proper organization, and citations for all your sources. While the essays in this panel do make arguments, and they do follow organizational structures, the writers are the sources. Creative Nonfiction is a course at Juniata College in which students are encouraged to take their personal narratives and transform them into written art. In this session, come listen to last Fall's students.

Jeffrey Brabec "Competing With Myself." To many, running is seen as painful and pointless, but the author has found meaning in the challenge the sport presents.
Cody Januszko "I'm Not Irish, I'm a Feckin' Yank." This essay explores the transition from identifying with the author's heritage to identifying as a citizen of his country.
Megan Martin "We Tried Our Best: A Girl Scout Reminisces." The misadventures of a Girl Scout troop illustrate ideas on failure and perfection.
Ryan Mull "An American Heartbreak: Coming to Grips with a Trump Presidency." A proud, patriotic American studying politics recounts when his world turned upside down following Donald Trump's 2016 election.
Alex Poremba "Putting the Self Back Into the Body." This lyric essay explores the uncertainty of what the self has the potential to be, and how the physical body limits this self.
Faculty Sponsor: Hannah Bellwoar
Readings from Student Plays
Movement Studio, Halbritter Center
Lana Boyd: "Blood, Sweat, and Bunny Ears"
Dominic DeFelice: "Atrophy"
Sarah Drucker: "The Taxidermist"
DeMauray McKiever: "Love, Post Apocalypse
Ian Stewart: "Drunk Man Walking"
Jill Palmer: "Covet"
Faculty Sponsor: Neal Utterback
Picnic Lunch
Halbritter Lawn, Campus Quad (Rain Location: Baker Refectory, Ellis)
For Sodexo meal-plan students and other conference attendees.
Integrated Media Arts Digital Exhibition
Pheasant Lounge, von Liebig Center
Student work from Integrated Media Arts IMA Labs II and Digital Video Production II courses. Digital work being shown includes video, animation, web design, information design, photography, and poster design. Students will be available to discuss their work from noon to 1:00 pm
Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Gibboney
Juniata College Jazz Ensemble
Detwiler Plaza (Rain Location: Rosenberger Auditorium, Halbritter Center)
Alto Sax: Matthew Alexander, Carly Hafer, Jackson Hoch, Alex Rothstein
Tenor Sax: Kate Bock, Spencer Korman
Baritone Sax: Daniel Komar
Trombone: Jacob Novak, Marshall Carter, Peter Kruse, Caden Pensak, Patrick Sweet
Trumpet: Jonathan Basom, Julian Groenendaal, Max Hosler, Daniel McClure, Sean McLaughlin
Guitar: Joshua Katz
Piano: Evan Quinter
Bass: Nickelaus Engle, Rebecca Katz, Ian-Michael Taylor-Benjamin
Drums: Taylor Hohenstein, Nicodemus Usry
Vibes/Percussion: Gigi Picozzi
Faculty Sponsor: James Latten
The Multicultural Storyfest
Detwiler Plaza (Rain Location: Suzanne von Liebig Theatre, Halbritter Center)
Omar Zniber, Hoang Mai, Chi Dang, Taha Barkaoui , Mika Takahashi, Marina Takahashi, Tasmia Khan, Liu Shan, Yanibel Collado, Zhang Suhao, Theresa Oo, Michael Beamer, Thida Win, Ha Tran, Laura Berman, Casey Lapham, Elizabeth Fuhrman, Asia Kaul, Juliana Suplee, Tongchai Xiong Saelee, Namrin Rueang-ngam, Bhuvanut Duangsasidhorn, Issara Amornkraisee, Nico Hartwich, Felix Weissberg, Anne-Marcelle Kouame , Vasilisa Urvanova, Aleksandr Kinyakin, Anastasia Ardasheva , Cinthya Moran Sandoval, Hugo Arguelles Iturriaga, Mikio Tada, Takuto Mori, Koki Omori, Mio Endo, Joy Woo, Masataka Mizuno, Liu Ximeng, Quentin Mulbah

The Multicultural Storyfest welcomes international students to share stories from their homelands through cultural dance, narration, and song, while encouraging audience participation. This is a great event for all age groups.
Faculty Sponsors: Grace Fala and Michael Beamer
Eagle Fund Update
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-225
Scott Liebl, James Dougherty, Connor Close, Steven Guetzlaff, Kyle May, Tasmia Khan, Ryan Mull, Dennis Fisher, Kevin Bonalle, Scott Fennell, Roman Novacek, Caleb Pepperday
Faculty Sponsor: Bradley Andrew

At Juniata College, students are fortunate enough to gain real world investment experience through the Eagle Fund. The Eagle Fund was started with a generous donation of $100,000 from the late Klare Sunderland. Our Portfolio Management class continually learns about investment strategies and implements them into the Eagle Fund. The strategies that we study and implement are buy and hold asset classes (45%), Momentum (30%) and buy and hold value stocks (25%). In our presentation, we will be updating Juniata College on the performance of the Eagle Fund this past year, including acquisitions and sales. The Portfolio Management team will also discuss possible investment opportunities and those we chose not to pursue.
Music Department Honors Recital
Stone Church of the Brethren
Evan Quinter, Maddy DeAngelis, Phoebe Harnish, Rebecca Katz, Jamey Brumbaugh, Kaleigh Herron, Pauline Cooper, Shihiro Choi, Janice Mianulli, Janet Berlin, Naomi Frey, Molly Ulrich
Faculty Sponsors: Cathy Herrera, James Latten, Russell Shelley




Ellis Hall Ballroom
Daniel Ansel, #339 - Sex Primes and Framing
David Girard, #370 - It's Only Natural
TaraAnn Hickey, #292 - I4I Hadoop Cluster Project
Amanda Kopacz, #246 - Virtual Reality Immersion
Elise Kury, #320 - Task Switching and Nutrition
Paul Lesur, #242 - I4I project: BTB Security
Jacob Markey, #301 - Nanotechnology and AI
Alexis Martin, #322 - ELISA- Antibodies as detectors
Evan Quinter, #280 - The Simplicity of Synthesizers
Bruno Rosa, #279 - Attacking the Internet
Brent Sterner, #363 - Hydro-powered portable generator
Ellis Hall Ballroom
John Gage, #371 - Hacking and Security
Steven Galbraith, #441 - PA Prison Society Internship
Chi Le, #232 - Smart Homes
Brandon Martinazzi, #290 - ELISA Morphine
Bruno Rosa, #277 - Quantum Computing
Sydney Spicer, #368 - Huntingdon Street Trees
Alexandra Stoudt, #239 - Stereotyping in Video Games
Myung Lee, #330 - Enzymes as Glucose Detectors
Brittany Mlynek, #260 - AC Henry