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Special Sessions

All day, Student Art and Demonstrations
Lobby and Pheasant Lounge, von Liebig Center for Science
Showcasing a series of creative projects from 2D, 3D, and Digital Art Studio Arts courses. Works represent a range of class projects, as well as some independent pieces that reflect students' own interests.
Faculty Sponsors: Bethany Benson, Robert Boryk, Monika Malewska, and Gordon Stillman
The Waterbearer
Movement Studio, Halbritter Center
A reading of an original play by Lana Boyd, Peter Rankin, and Cosimo Sciortino, that explores the topic of understanding individuality within a rigidly structured society. The piece was written throughout the semester as part of a Capstone project that will be performed during the Juniata Theatre Department 2019-2020 season. A talk-back will take place after the reading.
Faculty Sponsor: Neal Utterback
The Y-Men Student Film Screening
Brumbaugh Academic Center, Alumni Hall
Watch the premiere of The Y-Men, a student film written and directed by Jacob Novak. The comedy follows a college student facing a quarter-life crisis when he joins a task force of costumed vigilantes that patrol the campus, calling themselves "The Y-Men". Following the premiere, stick around for a question and answer session with members of the cast and crew discussing the film and how it was made.
Interactive Play & Workshop on Health Advocacy and Self-Care
Global Commons
How are you feeling these days? Under a lot of stress? Worried about your future? Yearning to play and be more creative? Please join Health Communication students for this reflective, playful, and healthy session.
Faculty Sponsor: Grace Fala
Keynote Address
Brumbaugh Academic Center, Alumni Hall
Dr. Amy Cook
Chair, Art Department & Associate Professor, English Department
Stony Brook University
Casting: The Art and Science of Building Character and Why It Matters for You The process by which we build characters in our lives - the one that builds Alexander Hamilton the moment Lin-Manuel Miranda walks onstage - is under-theorized: how do we know who is "right" for a part? And how does the question change if we are "casting" our doctor or our president? In this talk I will explore examples of casting that effectively alter the cultural conversation through counter casting - casting that strategically "miscasts" actors in roles presumed to be raced white or male or able bodied. It is through casting actors counter to expectations that theatre will impact public discourse. Making these processes visible might allow us to rethink our own performances. I will address a disciplinary problem (casting) and a social problem (bias) using interdisciplinary sources of evidence to suggest ways of reimagining who among us get to play what roles on stage, screen, and life.
Jazz Ensemble Performance
Detwiler Plaza (Rain location: Rosenberger Auditorium)
Music department performance by the Juniata College Jazz Ensemble.
What do Manholes, Bees, and Flashlights Have in Common?
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-109
These are things that we see and use every day. For many of the ordinary everyday things, there is a simple mathematical concept that explains why these things work. The demonstration aims to show the simple math behind these three things and a few more. This presentation is designed for audience who have not had any math classes since their elementary years.
Faculty Sponsor: Joie Escuadro
IMA Lab Exhibition
Kepple Hall 114
Showcasing a series of creative research design projects from Spring 2018 Integrated Media Arts Lab course. Students work on a series of passion projects that reflect the students' own interests.
Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Gibboney
Sociology Senior Seminar: "Working With," not "Working For"
Brumbaugh Academic Center, Alumni Hall
For the purpose of exemplifying the service learning principle of "working with," rather than "working for" community partners, the Sociology Senior Seminar cohort has spent the semester in collaboration with the local chapter of the Pennsylvania Prison Society. In collaborating with this community partner, the group has worked toward completing two projects that would have a lasting positive and sustainable impact on the relationships between PA Prison Society members and the Huntingdon and Smithfield SCI staff. The goals of our projects were to increase the capacity of the Prison Society to benefit not just the society members but primarily the inmates.
Faculty Sponsors: Daniel Welliver and Cynthia Merriwether-deVries
Storytelling & Story Weaving: Morals that Matter
Global Commons
In this engaging, interactive session, audience members are invited to identify the morals of each original story shared by a storyteller. By the end of the semester, students studying Storytelling will have performed and adapted their original stories to three different audiences: An audience of peers; an audience of toddlers; and, an audience of elders. Dare, if you will, to engage creatively with us!
Faculty Sponsor: Grace Fala
The Stories of Slavery
Dale Hall Lobby
This humanities poster session will spotlight the semester-long research projects by students in EN 251 Slave Narratives. After studying classic slave narratives like those of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs, the class rediscovered and researched less well-known stories of slavery. These narratives range from daring tales of escape via the Underground Railroad to stories of secret societies plotting to end slavery. Please join us to discuss these understudied but deeply significant testimonies.
Eagle Fund Update
Brumbaugh Academic Center, Alumni Hall
At Juniata College, students are fortunate enough to gain real world investment experience through the Eagle Fund. The Eagle Fund was started with a generous donation of $100,000 from the late Klare Sunderland. Our Portfolio Management class learns about investment strategies and implements them in the Eagle Fund. The strategies that we study and implement are traditional buy and hold asset classes (40%), momentum (30%) and buy and hold individual value stocks (20%) and hedging (10%). In our presentation, we will be updating Juniata College on the performance of the Eagle Fund this past year, including acquisitions and sales. The Portfolio Management team will also discuss possible investment opportunities and those we chose not to pursue.
Faculty Sponsor: Bradley Andrew
Engaging Justice & Advocacy on Campus and in our Lives
Global Commons
Who are you? How do you relate? Do labels weigh you down? How can personal awareness deepen interpersonal communication? What gets in the way of our being inclusive? What's your story? We welcome you to participate in heartfelt, original and engaging interactions led by student advocates from the Rhetoric of Coming Out class. Pause to get to know yourself and possibly, to change the world.
Faculty Sponsor: Grace Fala
Integrated Community Partnerships
Kepple Hall 210
A series of client-based research design projects from Spring 2019 Integrated Media Arts Practicum will be highlighted in this panel discussion. Student researchers are required to work with a local community client to design and develop practical and functional deliverables that are both user friendly and sustainable for the business or organization.
Individual student learning objectives are connected in response to the needs and requests of the community client at the start of the research project. This experiential learning opportunity offers both the student and the client the option to seek and obtain real world knowledge and skills related to various areas of visual communication design.
Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Gibboney
Community-Engaged Learning
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-225
This session will feature student work that has occurred as a result of partnerships with the community and will feature presentations that reflect on the projects, research and/or relationships built while taking a CEL course.
Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Worley
Music Department Honors Recital
Stone Church of the Brethren
Shirho Choi, voice
Polly Cooper, harp
Fabien Delattre and Rachel Kim, string duet
Owen Grafe, voice
Alison Kohne, voice
Paige Matteson, voice
Audrey Quick, voice
Evan Quinter, composition
Myah Smith, voice
Faculty Sponsor: James Latten
Student Startup Showcase
Brumbaugh Academic Center, Alumni Hall
Join us to see how students are turning their business startup ideas into reality. Our showcase will feature several students presenting their startup process and answering questions about their creation of a business through solving a problem. Students will present a 5 minute presentation on their startup and take questions from the audience. Audience members will be able to pick which presentation they liked the best through a "txt" vote using their smart phone or other device. Students will also have posters of their business model on display that describe their startup process allowing further opportunities for audience members to engage with students about their startups.
Faculty Sponsor: Terry Anderson
Senior Capstone Exhibition Opening
Juniata College Museum of Art
Kristina Gor, Elizabeth Lor, Lydia Heishman, Michael Iemolo, Laura Early, Sarah Melgar
Senior students in the visual arts present their work in the formal setting of the museum. Join us to celebrate the accomplishments of these emerging artists!
Theatre Arts Presents a Rehearsal of Mother Courage
Suzanne von Liebig Theatre
Join the Theatre Arts department as they reveal the process involved in staging a theatrical production.
Faculty Sponsor: Neal Utterback


Brumbaugh Academic Center C-109
Adam Mothersbaugh Exponential Domination
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-116 Brumbaugh Academic Center C-210 Brumbaugh Academic Center C-212 Brumbaugh Academic Center C-225
Kylie Orndorf, John Randolph Mammalian assessment of B.E.E.F.
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-232
Liliane Pari Umuhoza Senior Thesis
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-109 Brumbaugh Academic Center C-116
Elyzabeth Graham, Haley Carrasco, Nicholas Sinapius, Thomas Cope, Sarah Coffman, Jarrod Gibson Observations of Eclipsing Binary Star Systems at the Juniata College Observatories
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-210 Brumbaugh Academic Center C-212
Andie Lowery Kawaii Culture
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-225 Brumbaugh Academic Center C-232
von Liebig Center for Science Neff Lecture Hall
Hudson Speck, Bryce Walter, Ethan McGee, Jacob Puia The Institution of Warfare
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-109 Brumbaugh Academic Center C-116
Pablo Murillo Cultural Learning Tour
Perry Willig Inside Out reflections
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-210
Piper McGonigle Truth and Untruth in Memoir
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-212
Sierra Garrison American Sign Language
Alessandra Fama, Gabrielle Buchan, Elizabeth Migatulski, Isabella Weber, Christine Malek Modulating Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Empathic Response
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-232


Beeghly Library
Alyssa Fasolo, Karis Cornelius, Jenna Miller, Nik Iacovelli, Ziyuan Hong HCVB: Fireplace Getaways
Fisher Stroud, Jenny Cheng, Jill Palmer Horror Games: Immersion That Shapes Identity
Giana Picozzi, Kayla Parson, Danielle Ochs Transhumanism - Enhancing a New Identity
Grace Lewis, Colton Moyer, Gwynne Domashinski, Desmond O'Donovan Impact of Environmental Factors, Predators and Patch Size on the Distribution of Allegheny Woodrats
Julia Witkowski, Abby Luensmann, Prayushi Sharma RNAi Knock Down in C.elegans
Elizabeth Migatulski, Sarah Rohrer, Yangsheng Zhou, Omar Zniber, Caitlyn Konradt Simcon Makeover
William Daugherty-Miller, Carolyn Morningstar A Computational Exploration of Bacterial Manganese Catalase
Chance Bowersox, Molly Ulrich Spore Migration of Ancient Earth
Olivia Drake, Austin Meyer, Tyler Phillips An Individualistic Prime Leads to Higher Risk Taking for Gains
Kristin Racis, Dakotah Wiest, Mai Hoang, Cassandra Dunn, Julie Reighard I4I - Bizi Marketplace Marketing
Abby Nevill, Isabella Gibbs, Carolyn Brown Psychological Well-Being and Undergraduate Students
Benjamin Norton, Harpreet Chamdal, Ian Harpel, Shirho Choi Mobile Apps: Changing Our Sense of Community
Owen Gallagher, Dale Cutshall, Koki Omori, Will Thurston-Griswold, Nathaniel Matthews KCF Technologies i4i Poster
Owen Baker, Alex Liu, Alicen Moats, Rachel Kim The impact of diet composition on fasting blood glucose levels
Anh Huynh, Ben Tipton, Nicholas Smith Virtual Realiy
Beeghly Library
Emily Dowler, Evan Bair, Logan Keifman, Zhorea McAnuff, Jacob Niebler Characterizing the Effects of Rifapentine on Morphine Metabolism through Competitive ELISA
Marissa Cubbage, Christopher Barto, Colton Moyer, Hunter Price, Jeremy Pritts, Ashley Sweigart Stream ecosystem conditions of a first order stream along a pipeline corridor
Isabella Medaris, Rachel Campitell, Michael Iemolo, Kaden Zellers Balancing Act: Reliability and Affordability in Glucometers
Katheryn Weeden, Brian Park, Kyle Wyse, Anh Huynh, Nicholas Smith Bizi Marketplace: Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Application
Caitlin Binner, Mai Hoang, Omar Zniber Fashion Merchandizing Marketing Research
Taylor Vastine, Ian Harpel, Ethan McGee, Giana Picozzi TIU11 AR Project For I4I
Laura Stepnowski, Mary Boggs, Colin Powers, Nathaniel Ulrich, Jacob Novak Technological Advancements in a Technological Film Landscape
Carrie McGlohon, Kaitlyn Thomas, Victoria Taylor, Joanna Shin, A. Tausey Wolfe, Amber Blue Athletes vs Non-Athletes: Perceptions of Academic and Social Lives in College
Philip Harney The point of Isotopes
Martin Berger, Emily Hoffeditz, Emma Kelley, Qian Yang, Allison Rismondo Juniata Web Project (Non-Technical)