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Special Sessions

All day, Student Art and Demonstrations
Lobby and Pheasant Lounge, von Liebig Center
Showcasing a series of creative projects from 2D, 3D, and Digital Art Studio Arts courses. Works represent a range of class projects, as well as some independent pieces that reflect students' own interests.
Faculty Sponsors: Bethany Benson, Robert Boryk, Monika Malewska, and Gordon Stillman
All day, IMA Video Exhibition
Kepple Hall 210
Danielle Ochs, Chelsea Scafuro, Fisher Stroud, Sidonie Tretesaux, Elinor Williams, and Yiyao Zhao
Showcasing a series of creative films and stop motion projects from Spring 2018 Integrated Media Arts Video Production II course. In progress video production work will include short narrative, motivational, and experimental short films.
Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Gibboney
Integrated Community Partnerships
Kepple Hall 217
Jacob Markey, Lindsay Scholten, Madison Thompson, Xianghan Wang, and Yiyao Zhao
A series of client-based research design projects from Spring 2018 Integrated Media Arts Practicum will be highlighted in this panel discussion. Student researchers are required to work with a local community client to design and develop practical and functional deliverables that are both user friendly and sustainable for the business or organization. Individual student learning objectives are connected in response to the needs and requests of the community client at the start of the research project. This experiential learning opportunity offers both the student and the client the option to seek and obtain real world knowledge and skills related to various areas of visual communication design.
Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Gibboney
they ask, We Told, No one listen
Neff Lecture Hall, von Liebig Center for Science
Micah McConnell
I am doing a video project on diversity and inclusion and I interviewed 11 minorities and I ask them six questions that meant my standards on why I think it was important to be on my video. I wanted to do this because like my title says they ask, we told, and no one listened because its the truth behind my eyes. Hopefully this video that I am making helps people understand what is happening on this campus.
Faculty Sponsor: Cynthia Merriwether DeVries
Community-Engaged Learning Projects
Brumbaugh Academic Center C-116
Students participating in this session will explain and reflect on work done with local community partners.
Kelsey Doell and Chloe Nhi Doan: Center for Community Action - Raising Brand Awareness in the Huntingdon Community
Shannon Brumbaugh: Language in Motion: Moving Learning into the Community
Lydia Mueller, Storm Fridinger, Dallas Storm and Yoselin Milloy: Force for Health: A Population Health Initiative
Nazia Jahangir: Language in Motion at Juniata Valley High School
Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Worley
Integrated Media Arts Exhibition
Kepple Hall 114
Paul Alicea, Cassandra Dunn, Jenna Miller, Samantha Norden, Danielle Ochs, Shiyue Shao, and Fisher Stroud
Showcasing a series of creative research design projects from Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Integrated Media Arts courses. Students work on a series of client based projects in addition to individual passion projects that reflect the students' own interests. Includes community-engaged design work for the Huntingdon Community Center, client research for Standing Stone Laundry, video game concept art, typography design, awareness campaigns, short comic zine, packaging design, and experimental 360° videos.
Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Gibboney
Hispanic Play Premiere
Neff Lecture Hall, von Liebig Center for Science
Suraia Silveira, Olivia Charles-Pike, Eva Ibarra, Cade Emlet, Brent Baker, Jared Evans, Will Thurston-Griswold, Catherine Jarvis, Zoe Fishter, Madison Nareski, Daichi McAuliffe-Uchida, Kendra Walker, Kenia Pochette, Andrew Hay, Nasiha Khan, and Alexis Jones
This semester's Introduction to Hispanic Literature class will screen a production of a one-act play in Spanish, with English subtitles, that class members have performed, recorded and edited. Following the screening, there will be a short presentation and discussion on the process of completing the production as well as critical assessment of the play and the quality of the final product.
Faculty Sponsor: Henry Thurston-Griswold
Airborne Part 2: An Original Full-Length Play
Movement Studio, Halbritter Center
A continued reading of the original murder mystery play Airborne, written by Tzipora Crandell. Last year at the Liberal Arts Symposium, there was a reading of the first half of the play, and now there will be a continuation of where we left off, to finish the story and find the killer. A short review of relevant information and a talk-back after the reading will take place. This reading is in collaboration with the Juniata Student Theatre Ensemble.
2018 Liberal Arts Symposium Keynote Address
Brumbaugh Academic Center, Alumni Hall
Making Connections, Expanding Opportunities: Undergraduate Research in Humanities, Arts, and Technology
Dr. Meredith Goldsmith, Department of English, Ursinus College
In this talk, I explore the centrality of undergraduate research to my work as faculty member, mentor, and advisor. Discussing the range of opportunities for research students in the humanities and arts, I highlight projects I have supervised in traditional, archival, and digital research settings. Drawing on the observations of the Council for Undergraduate Research, we'll consider how research projects--including digital ones--can be embedded into a wide variety of courses, and emphasize the relationship of undergraduate research to student success more broadly.
Baker Refectory
Lunch is provided at Baker Refectory for all students, faculty sponsors, session moderators, attendees, and everyone who contributed to planning and carrying out the 2018 Liberal Arts Symposium. Students should use their meal plan; others can just check in at the Baker entrance.
From Screenplay to Screen: Student-Produced Short Documentary and Narrative Films
Neff Lecture Hall, von Liebig Center for Science
Students screen their short films about a variety of topics of interest to them both as students and creators.
Paul Alicea Exit A film about losing yourself.
Katie Brown Fingers Crossed A girl is nervous for a first date.
Jacob Novak Late Two friends find themselves running late for rehearsal.
Hephzibah Nwanosike Called to Serve Others A generous Christian couple show their commitment to helping diverse people through their interactions in prison ministry, the friendship-family program for Juniata College, and their community.
Jill Palmer It's Not a Hobby A portrait of local actress Lydia Boonie's life as both a performer and a member of the working class.
Fisher Stroud Cigarette Daydreams An angsty girl is nervous for a party her crush is attending.
Faculty Sponsor: Hannah Bellwoar
Ethically and Effectively Creating Community Partners
Brumbaugh Academic Center, Alumni Hall
Maeve Gannon, Elizabeth Hainsworth, Daniel Komar, Shannon Kriz, Whitney Miller, Hannah Oney, Savannah Parson, and Maggie Pozenel
For the purpose of exemplifying the service learning principle of "working with," rather than "working for" community partners, the Sociology Senior Seminar cohort has spent the semester in collaboration with the local chapter of the Pennsylvania Prison Society. In collaborating with this community partner, the group worked toward completing a project that would have a lasting positive and sustainable impact on the relationships between PA Prison Society members and the Huntingdon and Smithfield SCI staff. The hope being that understanding and communication will improve the experiences and work of these two groups. 
Students regularly communicated with and sought feedback from members of the PA Prison Society in order to truly listen to their needs and the needs of those whom PA Prison Society seeks to serve. A project emerged from these meetings which called for students to lead initiatives to both better understand and to improve relationships between prison staff and the PA Prison Society. In a very short amount of time, the cohort worked to avoid engaging in "toxic charity," and to truly assess and meet the needs of the Prison Society community partner in a way that best supports the goals of the organization.
Faculty Sponsor: Daniel Welliver
Find The Pennies: Creating a Feature Length Documentary
Good Hall 402
Matthew Gaynor, Hayden Snook, Jake Wolfe, Sean Miller, Vinnie Caroselli, and Pete Richardson
On August 31, 1909, the last great train robbery occurred in the Lewistown Narrows. The culprit, who has remained anonymous to this day, supposedly hurried a bag of Lincoln Pennies along the mountain. Our team dives into the story and along the way make a discovery which may change the town's history forever.
Faculty Sponsor: Donna Weimer and Ryan Gibboney
Multicultural Storyfest
Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts
Amy Chen, Anh Pham, Anna Oldenbrook, Apasra (Pink) Chatchakul, Catherine Adcock, Laurel Hwu, Marcus Rusinol, Mei Su, Nao Ogusu, Nasiha Khan, Nazia Jahangir, Patrick Kuehn, Ploy Wongtaladkwon, Po-yen Chen, Qian Yang, Roberto Toro, Sanida (Mint) Supawaropas, Shaoting Feng, Shubhi Sharma, Syed Hasan Sherazi, Tanvi Pande, Tra Bui, Trista Rappert-McGetrick, Tsubasa Ishikawa, Twisha Sheth, Unika Dhakhwa, Wan-Ling (Winnie) Yang, Wendy Chen, Xianghan Wang, Xun Xu, Yu Qin, Yun Wang, Zixuan Tan, Ziyuan Hong
The Multicultural Storyfest welcomes international students to share stories from their homelands through cultural dance, narration, and song, while encouraging audience participation. This is a great event for all age groups.
Organizers: Jillian Murphy and Kati Csoman
Eagle Fund Update
Brumbaugh Academic Center, Alumni Hall
Matthew Alexander, Connor Close, Scott Fennell, and Caleb Pepperday
At Juniata College, students are fortunate enough to gain real world investment experience through the Eagle Fund. The Eagle Fund was started with a generous donation of $100,000 from the late Klare Sunderland. Our Portfolio Management class continually learns about investment strategies and implements them into the Eagle Fund. The strategies that we study and implement are buy and hold asset classes (45%), Momentum (30%) and buy and hold value stocks (25%). In our presentation, we will be updating Juniata College on the performance of the Eagle Fund this past year, including acquisitions and sales. The Portfolio Management team will also discuss possible investment opportunities and those we chose not to pursue.
Faculty Sponsor: Bradley Andrew
Music Department Honors Recital
Stone Church of the Brethren
Kristen Behrens: Flute
Phoebe Harnish: Flute
Devin Clark: Voice
Phoebe Harnish: Voice
Shirho Choi: Voice
Tzipora Crandell: Voice
Faculty Sponsors: James Latten and Russell Shelley
Senior Capstone Exhibition Opening
Juniata College Museum of Art
Liam Odle, Jane Shapiro, and Olivia Stentz
Senior students in the visual arts present their work in the formal setting of the museum. Join us to celebrate the accomplishments of these emerging artists!
Student Startup Showcase
Sill Boardroom, von Liebig Center for Science
Kyle Bargo, Dallas Huff, Elke Arnesen, Joey DiGangi, and Madeline Joyce
Join us to see how students are turning their business startup ideas into reality. Our showcase will feature several students presenting their startup process and answering questions about their creation of a business through solving a problem. The students will give a 5 minute presentation on their startup and take questions from the audience. Audience members will be able to pick which presentation they liked the best through a "txt" vote using their smart phone or other device.
Faculty Sponsor: Terry Anderson
Theatre Department Senior Capstones
Suzanne von Liebig Theatre
Lewis Boob, Tzipora Crandell, Christine Reilly, and Kaitlin Wyatt
Join the Theatre Arts POE seniors for their culminating signature work.
Faculty Sponsor: Neal Utterback